Chiang Mai - Cha Cha Group

The Cha Cha group offers a safe environment at all of our meetings and activities.  This means that we are free of violence, threats of violence and sexual harassment. Please be aware that we meet in a smoke free park and pets are prohibited. Please turn off or silence your mobile devices during the meeting.

We meet at Suan Buaak Haad park in the covered pavilion on the pond. The park is located across the moat from Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital on the corner closes to Airport Plaza (inside old Chiang Mai Moat).   The Friday meeting is an open discussion meeting.  Topics chosen are appropriate for the beginner.



Suan Buak Haad (Park)
Pavillion on the pond
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Meeting Day: 
Meeting Start Time: 
1800 hrs
Meeting Type: 
Beginners Meeting
Contact Name: 
Jerry N
Contact Number: 
08 9556 4293
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Pavillion on the pond, Suan Buak Haad (Park)

All Meetings at this Location

Day of Week Meeting Start Time Meeting Type Open/Closed Language
Monday Call for time 12&12 Open English
Wednesday Call for time Big Book Study Open English
Friday 1200 hrs Leaders Choice Open English