Alcoholics Anonymous Literature

Any group or individual who wishes to purchase AA Conference approved AA literature in either English or Thai can send an e mail to and please provide phone number too for post office

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บุคคลหรือกลุ่มใดๆ มีความต้องการซื้อหนังสือเอเอมีทั้งที่เป็นภาษาไทยและอังกฤษ สนใจติดต่อทางอีเมล



Due to the uncertainty of the ongoing international travel restrictions due to Covid-19 and restrictions on large gatherings, the 2022 AA Thailand Roundup Committee has decided to postpone the February 2022 Roundup and focus on the 2023 Roundup.


The Thai Language 12 & 12 is now available and 4 newly translated pamphlets plus wall hangings of Serenity Prayer and 12 Steps and 12 Traditions
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